B-163 – NAC


In the body, NAC converts to L-cysteine, a nonessential amino acid. The body then uses L-cysteine to make glutathione, which is a tripeptide or chain of amino acid cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid.

Glutathione is an antioxidant with important functions in the body, such as protective effects towards DNA damage & carcinogenesis, supporting the immune system, supporting the function of specific enzymes, helping certain organ functions, and more.

Increasing L-cysteine will increase the rate of the supply of glutathione production in the body. NAC is more soluble than L-cysteine itself, which is why NAC is often used in supplements instead of L-cysteine by itself.

NAC increases exercise performance and reduces oxidative stress especially in those low in glutathione.

Studies have also indicated that NAC may help reduce the mucus build up and inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes by way of glutathione.

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11 reviews for B-163 - NAC

  1. Essa

    Great product. Value for mo ey

  2. ryan

    Great product, been a must in my vitamin stack, and with higher dosage it’s much easier and works amazing

  3. Shane Kreusch

    Awesome product, little to no muscle soreness the next day after a hard work out. Definitely a product worth trying

  4. Shane Kreusch

    Extremely good product at a decent price.

  5. Garth

    I’ve used NAC for years now as an anti catabolic agent, especially under caloric deficit and also as lung support due to breathing issues I have from medication side effects. This high dose product fits the bill perfectly and I will definitely be using it from now on.

  6. Walker-Jay Rossouw

    Great product!!!
    Been using it for a few weeks now to achieve better muscle recovery and I still feel the burn of a challenging workout but without the need to cry in the corner because I overdid it.

  7. Shaoib hoorzook

    Very good product. I use it before playing soccer the oxygen it gives me during my match is crazy. Would really recommend this product if you doing any high intensity training!

  8. Irshad

    Does what it supposed to. Good product at a reasonable price.

  9. Willem Grobler

    I used this product with a luft (air restriction) while doing my aerobic session, and felt unbelievable. The amount of oxygen consumption utilised while using air restriction was astonishing, great product.

  10. Jacques Mostert

    What a fantastic product, not many brands that promote NAC and this really caught my eye, lovely product and will get the job done! 🙌🏼💸

  11. Norman Lekgothoane

    Best product works wonders,

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