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Cordyceps Militaris is the primary mushroom in the Peak O2 blend. Militaris has demonstrated several effects that improve performance including, but not limited to, increasing vasodilation and blood flow to increase nutrient delivery and metabolite clearance, enhancing oxygen utilization, improving metabolic efficiency improving your ability to uptake oxygen and use it at optimal efficiency during your workouts.

Peak02 features Reishi mushrooms which are well-known for their antioxidant activity. This antioxidative potency is so great that it significantly impacted positively the mitochondrial production of ATP.  The body’s primary energy unit. Even more stunning is that it occurred with a simultaneously reduced reliance on muscle and liver glycogen, resulting in lower lactate levels, and increased reliance on fat as fuel.

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6 reviews for B-251 - Peak 02

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Been on it few weeks pump and focus add on been next level

  2. Erik van Heerden

    Excellent product feels like I need less and less pre workout every time i take it.

  3. Bernard

    Totally blown away! The best stimulant free pre workout I’ve ever used in my life! #themovementisreal

  4. Ryan

    I’ve enjoyed this, has added to my pre workout focus and pump..

  5. Bernard

    Looks good

  6. Shane Kreusch

    Focused workouts, able to train much harder and longer with little fatigue.

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