B-480 – Beta Ecdysterone


The vast majority of studies on ecdysterone indicates a significant increase in lean mass.  In particular, this is achieved through the mechanism of protein synthesis and subsequently the promotion of a positive nitrogen balance. The more nitrogen the body retains the greater the rate of protein synthesis. This in a nutshell is how you build muscle. A study of athletes consuming protein, compared with those using ecdysterone & protein, showed significant results in the increase of lean muscle and the drop in body fat in favour of those using ecdysterone.  

Evidence of the benefits of ecdysterone in endurance athletes has shown improvement in work and lung VO2 max capacity. This means the cell will receive more oxygen resulting in a decrease in recovery time, maximise performance and an optimising of muscle anabolism.  

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4 reviews for B-480 - Beta Ecdysterone

  1. Wethu

    I’ve been using P.E.Ds and when I tried B-480 I took the initiative that I will stop. This product provides good gains in lean muscle mass, faster recovery from strenuous exercises. It gave an evident increase in power and strength during workouts. This is a better alternative from using PEDs as this product poses no side effects compared to Anabolic Steroids. GREAT PRODUCT. It’s one of those MUST HAVES!!!

  2. Mo (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for quality, tons of natural ingredients, and banned-substance free tests, this is the one to go with that was way ahead of its time.

  3. Mohammed Deedat

    Absolute bender what an amazing product, seeing great strength and muscle recovery after a week will definitely recommend it

  4. Walker-Jay W Rossouw

    I was shocked at how effective this is. You have to try it.

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